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Meet Our Team

Besides you as the customer, our employees are the most important asset of ADDITEQ! We maintain an active relationship with our clients and partners through transparent communication and customer service.


Owner and Managing Director

Roger is the managing director and owner of the company, the one who has the handful task of finding, evaluating and eventually acquiring new projects, thus further evolving the business. This represents the majority of his responsibility; however, he also works on promoting the firm and at the same time represents a mentor for the younger employees who have a great chance to learn from his fruitful past experience. 
His work ethic is simple: the focus is on satisfying the customer’s needs. This serves as an inspiration for him, the synergy with which customer preferences and market float and change together is a fascinating mechanism.

After planting these strong roots and based on the good reputation which has been developed during the firm’s experience, he expects in the future to expand the scope of its enterprise territorially towards new countries and economically into new products, platforms.


Office Manager

Hana represents a stable and reliable presence in the company. After overcoming the first language struggle, she now easily deals all operations in Czech, English and German, occupying herself with the main administrative duties.

She recently embarked in a new project dealing with translation tasks for different companies. After many years of different experiences, this new assignment, according to her words, still makes her feel “rewarded on an educational point of view”. This represents her main expectation for the future: constantly being challenged. Furthermore, being more and more responsible of her own tasks and occasionally other employees also depict a novelty for her, which is yes challenging, but most importantly very interesting in order to continually develop new skills.

Her motto?

“Everything is possible to be solved with a calm thinking.”


Project Manager

Jan is the youngest in the company, but this doesn’t take anything away from his highly diversified experience or impressive abilities. He is responsible for different projects and personally deals with all requirements around them. From e-commerce, market research, administrative support until creating a new website, this diversification is what drives him in his job.

He genuinely enjoys the independence he gets in doing his tasks, which allow him to be more flexible and explore several options which he personally evaluates to get the proper solution.

In his own words, “here, I can totally dispose of my full potential”.

Quality is the key element throughout all his occupation, there is no space for half solutions. 

He expects, in the future, to farther cultivate its skills, thus, to receive more responsibility and finally, perhaps, build his own small team around him.



Tom’s focus is on the engineering and technical part of the production. Notwithstanding, when assigned a project, he will broadly work on several different aspects, like design, external communication, presentations… Drawing his skills from his personal experience along with his father’s legacy as a tool machine worker, his passion lies in the design of things. The small and efficient team of the company allows him to be more adaptable and flexible in his work, letting his creativity free to travel.

The thing which he most appreciates, with regard to this work experience, is the substantial volume of know-how that he is able to assimilate by directly working with the suppliers, who are usually highly skilled engineers. 

The close and trustworthy relationship of the company with its production partners allow close work relationships of mutual trust and respect, which benefit the firm, the customers and, especially in this case, the employees too.

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