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System Sourcing and e-Commerce projects are considered to be of great strategic importance! With our innovative thinking and the ability to quickly grasp complex situations, ADDITEQ is the one source for your success.

FREI. Swiss made. Swiss precision. Swiss quality. Swiss family-run manufacturer. Crossover is made from 100% genuine, black leather. All clips are made from nickel-free, silver-coloured metal.

ADDITEQ serves as the possibility for Swiss SME’s (Small and medium-sized enterprises) to enter the European Union market with their unique products.

SYPOBA is one of the most efficient and yet simplest methods in modern strength training which combines the basic themes of strength, coordination, dexterity and mobility on one balance device. SYPOBA is used in professional sports, fitness and rehabilitation.

ADDITEQ enables SYPOBA tocombine the strengths of Swiss knowledge and European possibilities. Our client services are Ecommerce, System Sourcing and Logistics.

Dexso is a leader in essential oil extraction and brings “Swissness” to the worldwide market of plant based extractions. Dexso produces several product lines.

ADDITEQ enables system sourcing to be competitive on a global market. Keeping Swiss precision, from production to assembly. Our client’s services are System Sourcing and Logistics.

Paw-Treats produce highly functional supplementary feeds to the highest standards. Paw-Treats products are developed by a team of veterinarians, pharmacologists and food technologists. All ingredients are carefully selected, professionally matched and scientifically backed.

ADDITEQ as Swiss EU-hub enables Paw-Treats the successful market entry to European countries. Our client services are Ecommerce and Logistics.

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