as cultural and professional responsibilities 

Nine ethical principles we believe in


Swissness stands for quality that is based on a clear basic attitude, confidentiality, efficiency, punctuality, availability, transparency and integrity. We live Swissness! Our financial stability enables us, like Switzerland, to decide and act independently.

Respect and Cooperation

The respect and appreciation of different value systems as well as each individual human being are fundamental for us. Mutual respect and cooperation in a spirit of partnership is the base for developing high-quality and innovative solutions. ​

Client has priority​

Our company is successful if our clients are successful. Priorities always arise from their objectives and needs and from the agreed project. This is why, for us, client projects always have priority over internal activities. ​

Conduct in competitive situations

We offer our services to all interested clients. If we meet direct competitors, we collaborate with the companies and find a suitable solution together with the companies concerned.

Project acceptance with responsibility

We are looking for partners for a long-term cooperation and to provide excellent services. We focus on an active and open dialogue with our clients and attach importance to their acceptance of our ethical principles. ​


All documents and information that we receive in cooperation with clients are treated confidentially. On request, we keep the client relationship itself or the project content secret.​

No exit barriers

Our clients should be free to choose their preferred service provider at their own discretion. We do not create conscious or planned dependencies that restrict this freedom of choice.


Our behavior reflects our principles. We are committed to the highest standards of personal and professional integrity. We are committed to loyalty, honesty and fairness.


We communicate proactively and transparently – especially in situations that are unpleasant and therefore require special attention. We do not withhold any known relevant facts or recommendations.

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