Our passion: products and services that offer sustainable added value and new inspiration on a day to day basis. This requires the right way of working. Starting with the basic strategy leading up to the operative day-to-day business, we are methodically strong and agile.

We have questions, we challenge ourselves and find solutions. For us, a constructive feedback culture is the priority. By analyzing our clients and their needs carefully we ensure that we are all on the same page. Because only together can we achieve our goals. We listen, we keep thinking. And if we have to, we’ll take a step back. Only in this way can we ensure that the right result is achieved in the end.

What sounds like a cliché to others is in fact deeply anchored in our philosophy: we love what we do. And having fun with colleagues and clients is very important to us.

Our big goal: to live that joy at ADDITEQ every day.

OUR PEOPLE are the core element of our business, those who allow the correct functioning of all operation through the adoption of different skills and customised solutions. 

OUR PARTNERS also play a fundamental role in the evolution and support to our company, always bringing new and innovative ideas and opportunities. 

Finally, OUR LOCATIONS represent our main physical resource. Through them we are able to safely store all of our client’s products and conveniently deliver them from our central location in Czech Republic directly to destination.

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